Part I Bidding Announcement

Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Purchaser”) now conducts open bidding for the commencement permit handling services of Cambodian Sihanoukville 2×350MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project, and eligible units are welcome to participate in the quotation.

I. Project Overview
Cambodian Sihanoukville 2×350MW Coal-fired Power Plant is located in Stueng Hav Town in the northeast of Sihanoukville Port, Cambodia, about 210km away from Phnom Penh in highway mileage and about 15km away from Sihanoukville Port. The plant site is closely adjacent to Lin Qiuhao Industrial Park in the east, and Phnom Penh ~ Sihanoukville Railway in the south, about 750m away from Logistic Road (provincial highway). It is about 1km away from Ordos Hongjun Power Plant in the west, and close to Sihanoukville Kampong Som in the north.

II. Description
For the Cambodian Sihanoukville 2×350MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project, the Purchaser intends to select an experienced and qualified service provider through bidding to complete the collection, preparation, translation, construction design drawing preparation, checking, binding, signing and submission of all application documents for the commencement permit; and obtain the approval and license from relevant governments at all levels in Cambodia.

III. Qualification Requirements
1. The supplier must be an enterprise legal person registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and provide copies of the business license and tax registration certificate, and legal person identity certificate. For a law firm, the registration certificate of the law firm shall be provided.
2. The supplier shall not be in a state of being ordered to suspend business, and the property shall not be frozen, taken over or bankrupt.
3. Any form of consortium bidding is not acceptable.

IV. Application and Evaluation
1. The evaluated lowest quotation method shall be adopted for this bidding, and the response documents that do not meet the evaluation requirements will not be evaluated.
2. When there are more than 3 suppliers responding, the Purchaser shall evaluate the top 3 suppliers that meet the evaluation requirements and have the lowest quotation.
3. After evaluating the response documents of each supplier as required, the Purchaser will select the supplier meeting the following requirements as the successful bidder.
(1) The supplier passes the qualification examination;
(2) The response documents substantially respond to the requirements of the procurement documents.
(3) The Purchaser does not guarantee that the supplier with the lowest quotation will win the bid, nor is it obliged to make any explanation to the suppliers who fail to win the bid.

V. Media and Date for Release of Procurement Announcement
1. Media: Jian Hua Daily
2. Procurement announcement release date: 12/20, 2022 to 12/27, 2022.

VI. Procurement Arrangement
1. The procurement documents can be obtained by email (via within the announcement period. Any question during procurement can also be sent to this email address, otherwise no reply will be given. The title of the E-mail must be “Sihanoukville Project – Commencement Permit Handling Services – Questions on Bid (** Company).
2. Contact person for objection acceptance: Lin Xia
Tel.: 18305929066
3. Deadline for accepting response documents: 11:00 on 01/09/2023 (Cambodia time).
4. Receiving method: The scanned PDF version of the signed and sealed response documents and the editable electronic version of the quotation list shall be sent to the Purchaser’s procurement public email (the only designated email), and will not be accepted after the deadline. Any other submission method is invalid.
Company address: Room 201, Jinxing Apartment, No.36, 592z Road, Boeung Kak 2, Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Company’s office area on site: Cambodian Sihanoukville 2×350MW Coal-fired Power Plant
Contact person for bidding: Li Zhenghua
Tel.: 092338370

Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd.

December 2022